Address: Splaiul Independenţei 313, Sector 6, 060042 Bucharest, Romania, Office JI 110
Phone: +40 21 402 9261
Fax: +40 21 316 9562
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Administrative Board
Manager - Prof. Nicolae CONSTANTIN

Brief presentation

The Research and Expertise Center for Special Materials (CEMS) is a professional, non-profit organization, having the purpose to accomplish research activities, consulting, technical expertise, processing of new technologies and special materials (biocompatible materials, high-strength non-ferrous alloys, amorphous and nano-crystalline materials, composites, special metallic materials for electronics and aeronautics, special steels).

The Research and Expertise Center for Special Materials was founded on the 10th of March 1994 on the basis of a governmental resolution (HG 57/08.02.1992) in agreement with the Education Law. The type of organization is inspired by countries with an advanced university research, adapted to market economy. The research teams comprise researchers, teaching personnel, doctorands and students belonging to different departments and faculties.

 During the last years the Research and Expertise Center for Special Materials organized the series of symposia „Traditions and Perspectives in the Romanian Metallurgy” (TPSRM’96, TPSRM’98, TPSRM 2000) at the Materials Science and Engineering Faculty, and also had an important contribution in the organization of other international symposia in co-operation with other research institutes.

International Co-operation

The Materials Science and Engineering Faculty has co-operation relationships with many universities and research institutes from different countries. Such relationships have been established with universities of prestige from: Germany, USA, France, UK, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Norway, Egypt, Chile, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Slovakia, Venezuela.

Co-operation pursues the following objectives: exchanges of students and teaching staff, improvement of curricula and syllabi, research activities in the framework of different program's and projects, coordination of Ph.D programs, development of the material base of laboratories etc.